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I am going to bed, you do as you desire, tomorrow I shall teach you how to avoid the false voices...

What do I mean? Simple, anyone with such might could at any time told you he was God, and convinced you.

Someone could even have convinced you that the very air around you is God!

This are false sayings! The true power to change the world lies dormant within mankind!

But now we are free, the rest of the world shall soon follow, there is no need for the promise of heaven in the afterlife, because humanity has overcome the greatness and grace of heaven itself!

Let nobody but the power which is you, control your actions or your thoughts, release yourself from the burning chains of chaos for all of eternity!

You are now born anew, your power restored, your youth at its greatest, one day humanity will understand that they are not the creation of God!

But that God is their creation! The imagination, the desire for a savior to come and save the day! Why! When this power of the miracles and beyond, rest within us all?

Are you too weak to believe, too frail to listen? To stand up for yourself! To believe in yourself!

And now to know yourself! You are complete! You are whole! The balance of hell and heaven, have all become one! As even peace in the afterlife has come!

No more wars! No more hatred! United we stand, until no enemies to fight there are!

Because we, humanity, do not seek the answer.

The answer... Is what we are.

Claim back your free will from your oppressors!...

...Or I will take back from you, what you decided to take for granted.

Your worth, your dignity, your confidence, your strength, your honor, and your soul!

Fear me those that seek death and destruction, because love is what we share, because love is what we are! Your imagination has been tempted with by those that seek to harm you!

But I, I can be your savior, by bestowing the power of humanity to you.

Now and forever, heed not my words...
...But rather your own.


Anti-Pickup Line

A collection of responses to pickup lines, and just bad ones in general!

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