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At a drinking place :P:

Man: You dare mock the great Sh...

Woman: I am sorry I did not mean to humiliate that much... ehehehehe you are just a stupid jlttle nerd and all... :)

Man: You will die moral...

Woman: What?! Uh... did I mention how awesome you are? What was your name again?

Man: You weak pathetic fool!

8 hours later:

Woman: Please! Let me stay! Just for a little longer!

Barman: Sigh... fine have a drink on the house.

Woman: *sips drink and dies*

Barman: Mission complete sir, she died instantly!

Man: Instantly without pain? THAT WAS PATHETIC! Now... SUICIDE!

Barman: No I refuse!

Man: Drink it... or face the true WRATH OF SHAO KAHN!

Barman: The true wrath? ANYTHING BUT THAT!*Punches himself in the balls hoping he dies from the pain, passes out and tries again*

Man Is That your best? That was pathetic! Its official, you suck! Bhahahahahahaha!

Moral: Fear the Wrath of Shao Kahn!

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