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Nielsen: Nice beaver!

Woman: Thanks!

Nielsen: No I mean you have a nice p*ssy

Woman: Ah! Thank you! (cat meows)

Nielsen: No I mean you have a nice wet vagina.

Woman: Is this in the script?

Director: CUT!

Nielsen: What? Cant a man improvise? I mean OJ does it, and he is quite the nice fella...

Moral: "Quite the nice fella" Yeah reminds me of good old dad, nice to everyone, and could take a lot of shit, but as much as I asked him how he was doing, I got an uppercut to the face and a nice trip in a ambulance...

Started when I was 4, I crushed his upper Jaw in self defense when I was 16... ah... hmm... Why am I sharing this? Then again why not... When have I not spoken my mind.

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Anti-Pickup Line

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