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For you that think your family are too overprotective when it comes to sex, this was my story as a teenager.

Mom: Hi guys!

Me and ladyfriend: Hi mom! This is my ladyfriend: (insert your name if you are female)

Dad: Woho! Good catch son! *claps me on shoulder*

Mom: Dont worry, you guys just go right up and "study" eh ;) eh ;) and we are gonna put the music REALLY LOUD down here! And there is no need to be ashamed of stains nor anything.

Dad: No we understand ;) ;) ;)

Girl: Uh... you invited me just to study right?

Me: Believe it or not I did...

Dad: Yeah you two young ones go study! Remember condom though! ;)

Girl: Axel! WTF?! *leaves*

Me: Mom.. Dad! WTF!? I dont know anything about algebra (not even to this day, and I am almost 30)

Dad: Algebra eh? ;) Next time give her a good "algebra".

Me: Mom tell that moron tha...

Mom: Relax son, I understand that you boys have desires and the next time you take her with you, you dont need to be ashamed or come up with excuse..


Moral: To believe I learned most my ways by having ladyfriends... despite my parents... Mom and Dad overprotective? Good... trust me!

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Anti-Pickup Line

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