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Moral man enters a bar and spots a sad girl.

MMan: Why so sad?

Lady: My father died...

MMan: And you want him to see you sad, from wherever he may be?

Lady: No but how am I supposed to be happy about it?

MMan: Remember the happy days you spent, because they are many more than the days you will see his gravestone, and if nothing else, we can always keep those alive within our heart happily, as long as we are happy in OUR heart...

Moral: I would have called this meaningless bull before, but this is a true story, and those words are the reason I just celebrated my two year anniversary with my girlfriend, the most amazing girl ever... which just sang out of joy btw...

I may be different... but if a man can keep those he loves happy, he is indeed a true man... Ok now she wants to know what I am typing, so I say nothing and put this self brag away, because I share with you, but heck, what am I? Somekind of romantic?

Answer: Meh, I am the ever lovable jerk you may not like, but cant stop loving once you know me either...

The anti-part? Dunno, dont care :D

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