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The anti pickup line hard to believe:

Woman: Me so hony! Me wan lose virginity to you! I make free love for hours!

Man: Wow, are you that popular Asian supermodel known for her enormous ****? I heard you really are virgin! Damn I am single and all but I kinda promised my ex girlfriend I would help her get back together with the guy she cheated on me with.

Woman: But me so hony! I wait for u for many many long time! But I wait for u only for a month is looong time!

Man: Eh, I kinda promised I would fix her washing machine too, and then I have to cut her grandmothers toenails and... Anyways sorry I cant this month :(

Moral: Yeah like that is ever going to happen! (then again I tend to expect too much)

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Anti-Pickup Line

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