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I just told Rebecca that the average man gets laid with about seven women during his life...

...She stares me in the eyes and goes "Noo! Really?"

I mean should I feel cool? Is it because she has seen me with more women than... I dunno many, or because...

Pssst: Harris... I mean you know I uh... Cherry pie this one right? Does this mean she goes around a lot doing a lot of other guys DAD!?

(He calls me SON for like every third word, so yeah DAD... She is giving me a cold st...

And she failed to take the laptop away from me, its kinda neat you know, typing while two girls cant share a... Well medium plus size ****... I mean... Wow they are making out...

Imma gone forever.

My fuckcount: Hell I know, when they say a guy bangs seven chicks during their lifetime, do they mean like a week? At once?

Jk, I just pity the guys, for each extra gal for me, means one less for you right? Think positive folks, someone has to please them properly...

Rebecca is like all "please sir?" "Thank you kind sir" (I hate being called kind)

But in bed, she is all like **** ME HARDER YOU FUCKING MORON!

Did I mention she has a sweet ass, and that my laptop is burning on her now... Multitasking: The key to threesomes, foursomes, fivesomes... I mean I wont say how many women I have done (rather been done by honestly) at once, why?

Because you would never believe me.

TWELVE... Eleven one wussed out actually because she just said it so she would look "cool among her friends... Poor little bitch..."

Anyway, still twelve.

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